2d Art

Sculpting is my first love in art but I also enjoy drawing and painting. Here’s some of my work in acrylic paint, watercolor, digital, and pencil. I’ve made it a goal for 2012 to do a lot more 2 dimensional work.

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ichthyosaur-etsy Ichthyosaur

glasssquid01 Glass Squid

Curiosity in the CosmosCuriosity in the Cosmos

squid-dotsPointilism Squid

Trilobite PaintingTrilobite Painting

Eagel RaysEagle Rays – Acrylic painting

8 Amazing Facts about Cephalopods

Orange Cuttlefish – 7″x5″ Watercolor

Jellyfish Swarm – 7″x5″ Acrylic

Life at a Thermal Vent – 4″x4″ Watercolor

Octopus in a Kelp Forest – 11″x14″ Watercolor

Cthulhu Spawn – Digital Illustration


Nude Figure – Digital Illustration. Contains artistic nudity.

Deep Sea Squid – Digital Illustration

Natural History Nautilus – Digital Illustration

Pale Squid – Digital Illustration

Blue Ring Octopus – Vector Illustration

Nudibranch – Vector Illustration

Green Trilobite – Vector Illustration

Squid Love – Vector Illustration

Plesiosaur – Vector Illustration


The Giving Octopus – Vector Illustration

Cuttlefish Logo – Vector Illustration

Squid Chase – Vector Illustration

Older 2d Art

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