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MeI’m a 30-year-old artist from the mountains of western Maine, recently moved to the big citty of Portland, Maine. My loyal, and not too helpful, assistant is a black and tan coonhound named Daisy.

I come from a creative family, as a kid I would spend hours watching my grandfather work in his shop. He would turn a pile of plain leather into the most beautiful, intricately tooled, saddles. He and my mom (who inspired by love of learning and has supported me in everything I’ve done) have been the biggest influences on my life.

I dabbled in sculpting and jewelry making off and on for many year but it wasn’t until 2005 that I started seriously sculpting in polymer clay. From the start I loved it but to be honest for all that I love to sculpt big pieces like ‘Odin’s Runesong’ they aren’t profitable so I started looking for smaller projects that more people would be able to afford. First it was the Perma-Pet series of sculptures, small fun sculptures and I love to make and can be displayed easily on a desk or shelf without too much worries about breakage or cleaning (most of the outside surface is glass).

DaisyAbout the same time I have made the first Perma-Pet I made a few pieces of jewelry, they were gargoyles not cephalopods. It took a few more months before I made the first cuttlefish necklace and immediately I knew I had jewelry I really wanted to make.

I’ve always been fascinated by the cephalopods, especially the Giant Squid, and watching a NOVA documentary on cuttlefish brought them back to mind. They are fascinating, intelligent animals that we just don’t know enough about. They are so distant from us evolutionarily that they might as well be aliens sharing the planet with us. Our last common ancestor with the cephalopods was a brainless, eyeless, invertebrate with only the most rudimentary of nervous systems. Cephalopods independently evolved a complex nervous system, eyes, and a brain.


My studio shortly after moving in. It’s no longer so tidy.

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