Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So who is this Noadi person?

A: Noadi is my alter ego, she’s a character I created some time ago. MY real name is Sheryl Westleigh, I’m a 25 year old artist from the mountains of western Maine. I’ve been interested in fantasy since the first fairy tales I ever read as a kid. Being a fantasy artist gives me the freedom to explore anything and everything that interests me since there are no real rules or limitations to the genre.

Some of my artwork is in the Elements Gallery in Bethel, ME now on Walkers Mills Road at True North between Telstar Highschool and where Walkers Mills Road becomes Main street. If you are in the Bethel, ME area please drop by. I also do some art shows and festivals which I announce both here and on the Noadi’s Art Blog.

Q: How do you say Noadi?

A: Well you can say it any way you want. To be correct it’s something like NOY-ah-dee but No-AH-dee is quite acceptable too.

Q: How can I contact you?

A: Well I’ve got a contact page for that, lists just about everyway to get in touch with me except my home phone number but if you really need that you can email and ask.

Q: Do you do wholesale or bulk orders?

A: I have started taking wholesale orders. Since I don’t keep a large inventory I don’t produce wholesale orders until after I’ve received them so it may take several weeks for me to finish a wholesale order. Please contact me for more information about wholesale pricing and a time estimate. Minimum first wholesale order is 15 pieces with a minimum reorder or 10.

Q: Can you do some custom art for me?

A: I do a small number of commissions, custom sculptures take quite a while to finish so I don’t have the time to produce more than a couple commissions at a time. Sadly this means I may have to refuse commissions if I don’t have the time for them, however I will always finish a commission I start so if you get on the list your sculpture is assured. Just email me at noadiart@gmail.com with “art commission” in the subject so I don’t accidently delete it so we can discuss details. Have a description of what you want, size that you wish (please note I don’t work larger than 16 inches tall), and any sketches or photos ready. I don’t do any work based on celebrities or tv/movie characters, I will do literary characters as long as you don’t want another artist’s version of the character reproduced, and I’m more than willing to do portraits of you, family, friends or pets. *I have no current commissions so I’m open to any right now.*

Q: What do you use for your sculptures?

A: I sculpt mostly in polymer clay with a steel or aluminum wire armature, occationally I use other materials such as epoxy, air dry clay, found materials, etc. all painting is done with acrylics. Polymer clay is a manmade clay that hardens at 275ºF (130ºC) which means it can be cured in a regular oven rather than an expensive kiln. Like all clay if you drop it, it will break, all polymer clay creations should be treated with the same care as porcelain. It should be dry dusted if it becomes dirty, while polymer clay can survive soap and cool water, the paint cannot.

Q: Can I have your art tatood on me?

By all means. I love tatoos and have one myself and if anyone wishes to have my art on themselves permenently I’m all for it. If you want me to design a tatoo for you please email me about it. I’ll even design it for free if you agree to let me put up the design on the site for anyone else to use too, if you want it just for yourself I’m sorry but I’ll have to charge for the commission. And please send me a photo, I’ll put it up in fanart if it is in a PG rated area.

Q: What is your policy on Fan Art or Fiction?

A: I love fan art, if you create any please show me.  My only requirements are that if you make fan art you must give me credit and you can not use my characters in any sort of game project or anything of a commercial nature like selling fan art without asking (and getting) my permission.

Q: How do you do your pixel art?

A: Most of the art for Shaman is pixeled in Graphics Gale a nice shareware animation program, buying it gives you the ability to save in .gif or .ico. Little hint for those of you who don’t want to buy Graphics Gale but still like to use it for .gifs. Save your files in the .gal format then use the export frames feature to save each frame as a .bmp and then use a freeware .gif assembler to put the animation together. If you need any help with pixel art please go to pixel-arts.org I’m not longer actively working on any pixel art in order to focus on my sculpture so I’m probably a bit out of the loop when it comes to pixel art news.

Q: Can I use your artwork in my project?

A: No. If you want to save some of my work and stick it on your desktop just because you think it’s cool or print a copy and tack it up on your wall or something of that nature, that’s fine but do not use any of my artwork in any game project or website and absolutely do not use it for any commercial use whatsoever. I have in the past made some of my older and just for fun work available for download as royalty free sprites and you can find those here (just those in the downloads all other art on that site is also copyrighted). Those you can use to your heart’s content, and if you do drop me a message I’d like to see the game.

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