How It’s Made

Want a peak into my studio and how I make my jewelry? Read on.

The MaterialsRed Octopus

Most of my jewelry is made from polymer clay, though I also use resin, tiny glass vials, leather and silk cord, wire and metal findings. Polymer clay is a non-toxic man-made sculpting material which stays pliable until cured at relatively low temperatures, typically between 265 and 275°F (129-135°C). The resins I use are also non-toxic.

Sculpted Jewelry

All of my cephalopods, other sea creatures, and the creatures inside specimen jars are all sculpted individually from polymer clay. This means that each one is different, no matter how many I make (and it’s been over 200 cuttlefish at the point I’m writing this) I can’t make any two identical.

Steampunk Jewelry

I use real watch pars to make the clockwork for my steampunk jewelry, they’re then sealed under a layer of ice resin.

Molded Cthulhu Cameos

The Cthulhu Cameos are made by pressing polymer clay into a silicone mold (made from an original I sculpted).


Of course an important part of my work is taking photos of the finished products. Here’s a video tour of my photography studio.

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