Cthulhu’s Gems

Cthulhu’s Gems

One of a Kind Fantasy Tentacle Pendants

Subject: Jewelry / Fantasy / Horror

Medium: Polymer clay, glass gems, necklace findings, and leather cord (not shown)

Size: Pendants are 1.5 inches (3.7 cm)

Date: June 2007

Description: I like tentacles and cephalopods. I don’t know why, I just do. I have so much fun making stuff like these pendants and the Perma-Pets. I’m also an H.P. Lovecraft fan so I had to do something Cthulhu related. Another suggestion from the Ooak Guild Forum was to call them Davey Jones’ Tears which I thought was cool but felt too much like cashing in on the Pirates movie for my comfort.

Between these and the Gargoyles I’m getting a nice inventory of jewelry that I hope will sell well at the gallery and also when I do the art festivals this summer. I understand that my larger original sculptures are just not in everyone’s pricerange so I hope between the jewelry designs and a few ideas I have floating around for small cast hydrocal figures I can give people who like my work a range of prices to pick from. I’ll have more about my plans in this area on my blog shortly.

Status: For sale from $12.50-$15.75 each plus shipping (US and Canada shipping only). Choose from a green, blue, peach, or clear gem and black or brown leather cord. Available for sale on my web store or you can contact me.


I'm a sculptor and jewelry designer from Maine, I sell my work at Noadi.etsy.com. I work primarily in polymer clay and mixed media. My work is inspired by science, nature, and my beloved cephalopods.

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