Cuttlefish Necklaces

Original Polymer Clay Jewelry

Cuttlefish Necklaces

Medium Polymer clay

“A group of cuttlefish glitter in the tropical ocean waters. It’s the mating season and they are on full display, flashing bright colors to attract a mate. It will be the final act of many of their lives, the females living only long enough to lay their eggs. They will never see their young.”

Colorful polymer clay cuttlefish designs. Each one is sculpted individually then details are painted on and sealed under a layer of acrylic varnish. Pendants are approximately 3 inches long. Each has a 24 inch long black leather cord with silver-toned toggle clasp.

Available for $32.50 in the Cuttlefish section of my Etsy shop or you can contact me.


I'm a sculptor and jewelry designer from Maine, I sell my work at I work primarily in polymer clay and mixed media. My work is inspired by science, nature, and my beloved cephalopods.

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