Trilobite Jewelry

Trilobite Jewelry

One of a Kind Polymer Clay Fossil Inspired Necklaces, Earrings, and Pins

Subject: Jewelry / Animals

Medium: Polymer clay, glass gem and beads.

Size: Varies between 1.5 x 1.5 inches (3cmx3cm)

Date: Ongoing series, started in February 2008.

Description: I have a tiny fossil collection and I’ve been wanting a trilobite for a while because I think they’re really cool animals.  Well I’ve yet to find a trilobite that I both like and can afford to buy so I think these are a close runner up to the real thing, and they were a lot fo fun to make.  I definitely plan to make more.

Status: For Sale $25 each plus shipping (US and Canada only). Some are available for sale on my webstore or you can contact me.


I'm a sculptor and jewelry designer from Maine, I sell my work at I work primarily in polymer clay and mixed media. My work is inspired by science, nature, and my beloved cephalopods.

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