Internet Blackout to Protest SOPA/PIPI

Congress is currently considering a pair of bills that would drastically effect the internet in the name of copyright protection. As an artist I take copyright very seriously but these two bills would shut down access to website without due process and in a way that could break the DNS system causing security issues. They also have the potential to be used to censor, stifle political activism, or punish people for speaking out against companies or people. I value freedom of speech much more than any potential loss that could come from copyright infringement.

Please visit for more information about these bills and why sites like Wikipedia, WordPress, Mozilla, and many more big and small will be blacked out on January 18, 2012.


I'm a sculptor and jewelry designer from Maine, I sell my work at I work primarily in polymer clay and mixed media. My work is inspired by science, nature, and my beloved cephalopods.

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