Older Jewelry and Holiday Ornaments

Horseshoe Crab Jewelry – Living fossils

Trilobite Jewelry – New design

Nautilus Jewelry – Cephalopods with shells.

Specimen Jar Necklaces – Tiny creatures in jars to wear.

Squid Jewelry – Polymer clay sculpted squid.

Octopus Jewelry – Adorable sculpted polymer clay octopus.

The Xmas Platypi – Sculpted platypus ornaments for the monotreme lover.

Lavender Seahorse Jewelry Set – Sculpted seahorse pendant set among matching glass beads.

Ammonite Jewelry – Sculpted jewelry with glass and gemstone beads featuring cool extinct cephalopods.

Green Dragon and Egg Ornament – Sculpted polymer clay dragon perched on an egg.

Cuttlefish Jewelry

Cuttlefish Jewelry – Cute earrings and necklaces.

trilobite necklace thumnailTrilobite Jewelry – Some trilobite fossil inspired pendants and earrings.

Stone Bonds Pins Thumbnails Stone Bonds Pins – Pairs of gargoyle buddies.

Cephalopod Pins Thumbnail Cephalopod Jewelry – Cute little bubble gem pendants and pins of octopus and squid.

Frog Ornament ThumbnailFrog Ornament – It might not be easy being green but it is cute.

Cthulhu’s Gems – Fun little pendants, tentacles wrap around glass gems. Available in 4 colors.

turtle pin thumbnail Turtle Pins – Cute reptilian pins.

Gargoyle Pendants 2 Thumbnail ImageMore Gargoyle Pendants. Yes, another bunch of pendants, I’m having fun making these and it’s good stress relief. *Currently in the Elements Gallery in Bethel, ME.* Custom gargloyles also available.

Gargoyle Pendants Thumbnail ImageGargoyle Pendants. I get compliments quite often on the old gargoyle pendant that I wear so I decided to make a new batch and see how well they sell in the gallery. As an added benefit they’re fun to make and keep my hands busy at times when I’m not really feeling like working on bigger projects. *Currently in the Elements Gallery in Bethel, ME.* Custom gargloyles also available.

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