Noadi’s Art Cuttlefish Creations and Octopus Oddities

Inspired by a love of marine animals, science, and all things weird and wonderful, Noadi’s Art is the creation of Maine artist Sheryl Westleigh. Handmade polymer clay jewelry creations and mixed media sculptures of steampunk cuttlefish, deep space squid, tentacles, HP Lovecraft horrors, and much more that dwells in the deep.

Noadi’s Art History

Sheryl Westleigh started Noadi’s Art in 2008 as a part-time business to bring her creations to a wider audience. By early 2010 Noadi’s Art was a full-time business sending handmade jewelry and original art all over the United States and to over a dozen countries.

More Information

About Me – Bio of Owner/CEO/Mad Scientist Sheryl Westleigh.

How It’s Made – A look inside how Noadi’s Art creations come to be.

Press Contact: Sheryl Westleigh

(207) 200-8628


Noadi’s Art in the Press

Print Publications

Good Morning Sally: The Dumbo Octopus Book Angelina Beckham 2013

Regretsy: Where DIY Meets WTF April Winchell, 2010

theSCENE April 2011

Selected Blog Posts

Squid, cuttlefish, trilobite and Cthulhu jewelry – Boing Boing 2/7/2014

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International Cephalopod Awareness Days – Digital Cuttlefish And Noadi’s Art #cephalopod – Token Skeptic 10/10/2011

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Octopus Blogging – Metal Floss 6/22/2010

Nautilus Pendant by Noadi – Indie Squid Kid 3/1/2010

Octopus Jewelry from Noadi on – Everything Octopus 12/10/2009

Curiously Repulsive – Regretsy 10/7/2009

 Awards and Honors

Daily Deviation 7/23/2011 – Steampunk Cephalopod Sculptures

Honorable Mention Award – Norway Sidewalk Art Show 7/12/2008 for Odin’s Runesong

Other Cool Stuff

Artist of the Day for the Call Girl of Cthulhu Kickstarter campaign 8/31/2012

Altoid “Tinnovations” – How Stuff Works

Microbe Art – Virology Blog


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