Jewelry pays the bills (and I love making it) but sculpture is my true artistic love. Most of my work is mixed media with polymer clay as the primary medium. Like all my work, cephalopods and fantastic creatures make up most of my subjects.

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Sculptures from 2017

Puppercabra 2017

Sculptures from 2014-2016

Gilbert the Goblin 2016

Embrace of the Deep 2014

Lady of Innsmouth 2015

Steampunk Octopus 2015

Bastian and Teddy 2014

Coral Siren 2014


Sculptures from 2011-2013

Feejee MermaidFeejee Mermaid 2013

Baby Rat Book Nest
Baby Rat Book Nest 2013

Perma-Pets 2012

Mini Perma-Pets 2012

Baby Rats 2012

Mouse Specimen Jar 2011

Cthulhu Figures 2011

2011 PermaPets2011 Perma-Pets – This year’s Perma-Pets.

Mini PermaPetsMini Perma-Pets 2011 – New smaller Perma-Pets.

Custom Steampunk Cephalopod SculpturesSteampunk Cephalopod Sculptures – Set of 3 commissioned sculptures. 2011

Baby Rat in Matchbox“Baby Rat in Matchbox” – Another baby rat sculpture 2011

Sculptures from 2009-2010

“2010 Perma-Pets” – This year’s Perma-Pets.

Baby Rat – Another version of my baby rat. 2009

“Tentacle Bug” – Weird tentacled bug. 2008

“Perma-Pets” – A new set of 7 Perma-Pets. 2008

Snailmaid ThumbnailSnailmaid – Quick little sculpture of a mermaid snail. 2008

Sculptures from 2004-2007

“Lionfish Mermaid” A re-imagining of my earlier mermaid bust. 2007

Odin's Runesong“Odin’s Runesong” – Based on the poem from the Poetic Edda. 2007

Squid Thumbnail Image“Squid” – I love cephalopods. 2007

Hatching Turtle Thumbnail Image“Hatching Turtle “ – Lifelike baby turtle. 2007

Baby Rat Thumbnail Image“Baby Rat” – Life sized newborn rat in a little cradle. 2007

Perma-Pets Thumbnail Image“Perma-pets” – More animals in jars. 2007

Satyr Thumbnail Image“Satyr” This is my first successful male sculpture. 2007

Octopuppy Thumbnail Image“Octopuppy” – Baby octopus in a jar. 2007


An tEach Uisce Thumbnail“An tEach Uisce” – Also known as a kelpie, these water demons would drag young men to their deaths beneath the water. 2006

Geisha Fairy Thumbnail“Geisha Fairy” – This was a commissioned piece for Tenshi. 2006

Bonsai Dryad Thumbnail“Bonsai Dryads” – These are roughly 3 inches tall. 2006

Sorceress' Apprentice Thumbnail“Sorceress’ Apprentice” 2006

Wood Nymphs Thumbnail“Wood Nymph – Sculpted in 2005, painted in 2006.


Mermaid Thumbnail“Mermaid”
I wanted to get away from the typical mermaid look and go with something more aquatic and fish-like. 2005

Fleeing Centaur Thumbnail“Fleeing Centaur”
Super Sculpey tinted grey with Sculpey III, painted with acrylic. Costuming is doll hair, fabric, and ribbon. 2005

Broken Dragon Thumbnail“Broken Dragon”
Poor dragon, my mom dropped and broke him. 2005


Fairy Bard“Fairy Bard” 2004

Fairy Priestess“Fairy Priestess” 2004

Little Critters“Little Critters” 2004

Forest Elf“Forest Elf” 2004

Old Gnome“Elderly Gnome” 2004


Really Old Sculpture

Bird Whistle – Made in 7th grade art class (1996).


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