2010 Perma-Pets

Mixed Media Sculptures

Purple and Blue Cuttlefish
Flamboyant Cuttlefish
Gloomy Nudibranch

Medium: Super sculpey, premo, translucent liquid sculpey (TLS), seashells, smooth stones, glass beads, wire, jars, acrylic resin.

Perma-Pets are unique sculpted polymer clay sea creatures. They are suspended in clear acrylic resin inside a cute little jar with a sculpted polymer clay lid. Each Perma-Pet is a one of a kind (ooak) creation, hand painted with artist acrylics and sealed before being encased in resin.

The name Perma-Pet come from the fact that these are pets you can’t kill, for those who have little luck with aquariums.

Current Perma-Pets can be found in my Etsy shop.


I'm a sculptor and jewelry designer from Maine, I sell my work at Noadi.etsy.com. I work primarily in polymer clay and mixed media. My work is inspired by science, nature, and my beloved cephalopods.

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