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8 Amazing Facts about Cephalopods

Here’s a fun infographic I created for Cephalopod Awareness Days. Fun bonus fact: The formula the brainy blue ringed octopus is writing is the molecular formula for tetradotoxin which is the chemical that makes it’s venom so deadly.

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Cephalopod Awareness Days 2012!

It’s the most important time of the year! Cephalopod Awareness Days run October 8th through 12th. I’m running a sale plus giveaways all 5 days. There is a 15% off sale on all octopus, squid, nautilus, and cuttlefish jewelry in

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Orange Cuttlefish

Watercolor Illustration Medium: Watercolor on 7″x5″ coldpress paper. Description: Soft watercolor painting of a little orange cuttlefish. For sale in my Etsy shop.

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Steampunk Cephalopods

Mixed Media Sculptures Medium: Polymer clay, clock gears, brass, wood, resin. Set of 3 commissioned sculptures, an octopus, nautilus, and cuttlefish. Bodies are sculpted in polymer clay, clockwork is real watch and clock pieces sealed under clear resin. Bases are

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Mini Perma-Pets 2011

Mixed Media Sculptures Medium: Polymer clay, seashells, gravel,  bottles, acrylic resin. A new tiny version of my Perma-Pets. These unique sculpted polymer clay sea creatures are suspended in clear acrylic resin inside a little glass bottle. Each Perma-Pet is a

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