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Feejee Mermaid

Feejee Mermaid Description: Mixed media sculpture of a living feejee mermaid (feejee mermaids were carnival fakes created by sewing a monkey torso to a fish tail) 4″x6″ SOLD – Commissioned sculpture.

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Perma-Pets 2012

Mixed Media Sculptures Medium: Polymer clay, seashells, gravel,  jars, acrylic resin. Perma-Pets are unique sculpted polymer clay sea creatures. They are suspended in clear acrylic resin inside a cute little jar with a sculpted polymer clay lid. Each Perma-Pet is

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Baby Rat in a Matchbox

Baby Rat One of a Kind Polymer Clay Sculpture Subject: Animal Medium: Super sculpey, acrylic paint, transluscent liquid sculpey, fabric, box Size: 1.25 inches (4 cm) Date: 2011 Description: Really fun sculpture of a life-sized baby rat tucked into an

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Making Faux Glass Eyes

Photos are in the works. Materials Polymer clay in the color you want the (whites of the eye) to be. You can use fimo, premo, etc. anything but original sculpey. Alternatively you can use round glass or stone beads. Acrylic

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Quick Tips for Sculpting in Polymer Clay

Here’s a list of some quick tips for sculpting with polymer clay. I hope this list will be ever growing. Also in the works is a list for painting your sculpts too. 1: Keep a wet washcloth or wet wipes

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