Here’s some tutorials that I have written. More will come as I finish them.

Sculpting TutorialsSculpting Tutorials on SquidooJewelry Making Tutorials

Selling Artwork Other Art and Craft TutorialseCrater TutorialsOther Tutorials

Sculpting Tutorials

Creating a Balancing Sculpture Armature How I create balanced armature for sculptures like Odin’s Runesong.

Quick Tips for Sculpting in Polymer Clay List of simple ideas for sculpting.


Eye Size Chart This tutorial is really a chart of eye sizes for various species at many of the common scales for sculpts.  Use it to determine what size artificial eyes you need for a sculpt.

Thoughts on Inspiration This article is about how to jumpstart your creativity using brainstorming exercises to either get creative to start with or get over artist’s block if the muses are mocking you. These are techniques that I personally use and that work for me, I can’t promise they will work for you.

Cold Porcelain Recipe Make your own non-toxic home made clay for flowers and other miniature details.

Making Faux Glass Eyes Tutorial on making your own custom painted eyeballs out of polymer clay balls or glass beads. **Photos currently on hold, I will have some soon.**

Sculpting Tutorials on Hubpages

Introduction to Sculpting in Polymer Clay My thoughts on how to get started sculpting in polymer clay or any other clay medium.

Sculpting Tips and Techniques Collection of sculpting tips and tutorials for sculpting.

Building Armatures for Polymer Clay Different ways to build a strong armature.

Polymer Clay Sculpting Tools Reviews of various tools and how to make your own.

Techniques for Curing Polymer Clay Run down of different curing techniques.

Painting Polymer Clay Sculpture Overview of different painting techniques for sculpture.  Even covers airbrushing.

Creating with Cold Porcelain Tutorials and other resources about cold porcelain.

All About Polymer Clay

Paper Mache as an Art Medium

Making Molds of Polymer Clay Sculpture Collection of mold making techniques.

Basics of Casting Sculpture Collection of casting techniques

Feature Focus: Sculpting Hands

Feature Focus: Sculpting Eyes

Jewelry Making Tutorials

Using Ice Resin to Create Jewelry

How to Make a Press Mold for Polymer Clay Jewelry

Making Polymer Clay Jewelry

Tutorials about Selling your Artwork

Preparing for an Art or Craft Festival Guide to gettign ready for a festival, what to bring, what to expect, etc.

Make your Handmade Products Stand Out Creative packaging ideas for your creations.

Branding Your Handmade Products How to make you as a business moemorable to customers.

Running a Handmade Business Tips and ideas on getting started selling what you make.

Using Squidoo to Promote your Handmade Business

Selling Jewelry Online

Tips for Promoting your Etsy Shop

Using Twitter to Promote your Handmade Business

Tools for Etsy Sellers

Other Art and Craft Squidoo Tutorials

Other lenses I’ve put together to help people out.

Resources for Figure Artists List of sites on the human figure, mostly anatomy and pose references.

Resources for Animal Artists Same deal as the human figure lense just about animals.

Cephalopod Craft Patterns Knitting, crocheting, and sewing my favorite creatures.

Making your Own Recycled Yarn Recycle plastic bags, old sweaters, and t-shirts into yarn for crafting.

Photographing your Artwork Guide to creating better photos of your artwork.

eCrater Tutorials

I’m a big fan of eCrater, it’s a very nice venue for selling my work, and it’s totally free which is great.

How to Start Selling on eCrater Guide to setting up a shop on eCrater

10 Tips for Selling on eCrater Ideas to make your shop better.

Using eCrater RSS Feeds How to use the RSS feeds eCrater generates to promote your shop.

Promoting your Shop with eCrater Widgets Widgets are a new features for eCrater users so here’s a little guide on using them.

Other Tutorials

These are mostly from my blog and while art related aren’t about sculpting.

How to Build a Foamcore Bookstand I use this bookstand I built to hold my sculpting reference books while I’m working.

Tools for Drawing in Ink

Drawing Materials

How to Photograph Jewelry Associated Content article I wrote on taking successful photos of jewelry and other small objects.  Includes instructions on how I made some light tents.

Game Art and Design Tutorials

This is a page with all the game related tutorials. Covers pixel art basics, creating sprites and tiles, antialiasing, choosing the right graphics and theme for your game art, world design, and notes on creating a good RPG.

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