If you are a retail store and would life to purchase my work wholesale please email me to set up an order. Please see my Etsy shop to view more detailed photos of my designs. All the line sheets and order form are also available on Google Docs.

 My wholesale pricing is based on order quantity:

Quantity* 10-19 20-34 35-49 50+
Discount 20% 30% 40% 50%
Example $30.00 retail = $24.00 $30.00 retail = $21.00 $30.00 retail = $18.00 $30.00 retail = $15.00

*Quantities compound for wholesale accounts, a first order of 10 pieces the discount is 20% for a second order of 10 the discount would be for 20 or 30%. The discount is also assortable so an order of 10 octopus necklaces and 10 specimen jars counts as an order of 20 for the 30% discount.

My minimum order size to receive a volume discount is 10 items of a single style (standard cuttlefish, steampunk octopus, etc. multiple colors do not count as different styles). Wholesale orders take approximately 3-6 weeks per 15 items ordered, during the holiday season (mid-October through the end of December) orders may take longer to complete.

Most of my jewelry comes with retail packaging. I don’t currently offer packaging options for cephalopod jewelry, ornaments, or Cthulhu figures but packaging can be arranged on request for an extra fee.

Specimen JarsSpecimen Jars

Lovecraftian JewelryCthulhu Jewelry

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